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  • What are the parts of Tap?
    • ● Head
    • ● Spindle
    • ● Ceramic Disc
    • ● Aerator
    • ● Body
  • Why is my Tap leaking?
    This is a very common issue due to the mineral sedimentation in the spindle due to salty water. Nevertheless, this could be easily solved by cleaning the spindle.
  • How do I ensure my Taps stay shiny longer?
    All chrome taps irrespective of brand usually tend to fade over time. To avoid this, cover all chrome plated fittings appropriately before cleaning bathroom floors using any sort of acids or cleaners. In addition to this, use KAG lime scale remover regularly to safely remove salt deposits and white marks on the outer surface of any chrome plated fittings.
  • How do I clean the clogged aerator?
    Salty water can clog the aerator overtime. To avoid stubborn salt deposits, remove the aerator frequently and soak it vinegar overnight and rinse it clean in water. Use toothbrush gently if required to scrub off the excess deposits.
  • What are the Warranty terms?
    We aim to be the peerless in market in all spheres; warranty included. We provide unparalleled warranty of 10 years.
  • Relation between INFINIX and KAG?
    KAG is the parent company of INFINIX with common directors but with young and energetic team to show concentrated focus on market development and become pioneers.