Save Water

One Water, One World

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Save Water

Water is the basic necessity of all life forms, whether it be humans, plants, or animals. Water is a crucial part of our lives, without which life cannot sustain. Over the years, we have learnt a lot about the importance of water and that we should use it judicially. Humans have suggested many techniques to save water, but these are never practiced. The reason behind this is the lack of understanding and ignorance. Some so many people have not yet understood the value of water and the need to save it.

“Many a little, make a mickle”

  • • Even by saving a single drop of water in one day, we can save tonnes of water all over the world. The oceans were never formed in one day; drop by drop, each day, these large oceans were formed. Similarly, if we take the initiative to save only one drop of water, it can cause a massive change. All we need to do is make a move.
  • • According to a survey, by 2050, India will be amongst the countries which will face acute water shortage. It is an alarming situation as, concerning the population in our country, water shortage would significantly impact the country. Not only this, but people would also start fighting each other for water.
“Each drop counts”

It’s high time that we all understand the value of water in our lives and take apt measures to save it. Use a bucket instead of a shower for bath and rainwater harvesting are some methods to save water. As citizens of our nation, we must ensure that we save natural resources for our upcoming generations and make sure that they don’t suffer because of our actions. For this, we need to take the lead and save them.